Thursday, January 26, 2012

COMMON, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNITY, COMMUNION DEVELOP THE ART OF SKILLFUL INQUIRY BY ASKING SKILLFUL QUESTIONS Some time this week, make a list of important questions that you might ask another employee in order to know who that person really is. Here are some examples: How and why did you choose the work you do? What part of your job brings you the most satisfaction? What is disappointing about your job? Please tell me one thing you are hoping for. What have you been disappointed about recently, either personally or professionally? What can I, or others, do to help make your work more satisfying? Other questions ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Then, listen, without judgment or criticism, and with a receptive mind. Imagine that you will be enriched by learning what is “going on” with this interviewee. Suspend assumptions to more fully understand another’s perspective. People don’t care whether or not you agree with them as much they want to be heard.

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