Saturday, March 29, 2008

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

As many of you know, I often have a table at the SAMI show and occasionallyt at the Gun and Knife show, too. I usually set up my table like a little office, with three folding chairs in front of my matching 5' x 2 1/2' table. Shoppers come by, sit and begin looking at my books, Love and Lemon Pie, Recipes for the Body7 and the Soul and Celebration! A Woman's Story of Courage, Endurance and Transcendence.I show them the recipes for the body, emphasizing those for the soul. More often than not, my visitor tells me a touching story about her life.

At the last show, a young woman, in her late 30's, perhaps, stopped by. We were talking about the "recipes for the soul" when she paused, looked at me and said. "I have been rethinking my prorities this past year." I waited, knowing what was coming.

"I have cancer," she continued, "and everything that can be done has been done." She had a peace about her that I, myself, long for.

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