Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was in a seminar with a young man who became argumenttive and hostile with the facilitator about some theological point. On the way to lunch, I put my arm across his shoulder and commented, "You know, I used to get ruffled when someone made a point about religion or politics that I disagreed with. It was as if that person was criticizing my very own children. As time passed and I became a little wiser, I realized that others' opinions are just that--opinions."

Opinions are not who we are. They are like things we possess and, in time we may get tired of them, see a different way, or find they are not useful and toss them out.

Try not to talk politics or religion unless it is for the purpose of understanding the other person's point of view. Otherwise, it's just an exchange of opinions and often leads to hostilities.

I am reminded of a comment I heard from the author of a book about Hospice. He said, "People in Hospice don't talk politics."

Love and blessings,
Peggy Grose

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